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"Great interactivity and focus on the fundamentals"

Transparent French Review

transparent french box shotTransparent French Premium Edition offers a great way to learn the beautiful French language. French is the first language of around 140 million people worldwide and about 200 million more know it as a second or third language. I know that it's the official language in France but I did not know that 28 other nations also use it as their official language. Also, another 28 countries have large French speaking communities. If you desire to visit any of these countries and areas, as I am, and many of these are some of the most desirable destinations, knowing how to speak the language will definitely make it much easier to go around and mingle with the crowd and generally further enhance the satisfaction of being there. If you plan on working in any of these places then it is absolutely necessary for you to have a high degree of fluency in this language.

Aside from France, countries where knowledge in the French language would be essential are Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Algeria, Canada (especially in the eastern provinces), certain parts in the U.S as well as many other regions in many countries in Latin America and Africa. In the European Union (E.U.) 26 percent of its population in 27 member states speak the language.

Transparent French is in itself a full language course which is basically designed to develop French conversational fluency. You can learn at your own pace but it is especially suited for people needing a quick fix starting with basic vocabulary and pronunciation and quickly progressing to more the advanced aspects of grammar, reading and practical conversation. With Transparent French Premium Edition, I easily learned the French language and soon found myself communicating with it in a natural manner.

Its features include a book interface format with lessons covering more than 15,000 words and phrases. I enjoyed the benefit of immersion video and audio that showed me how to correctly speak the words along with the facial expressions and emotions that go with them. I especially gained a lot from the conversation practice. Transparent French Premium Edition uses MP3 audio format so I can use it in my MP3 player. I found the online proficiency test, interactive games, as well as the progress tracking very useful as I was able to check my progress.

Transparent French Premium Edition definitely helped me to quickly build and remember a vocabulary base in French, develop comprehension and learn to read, write and express myself in French. I also easily learned the common parts of speech like prepositions, verbs, and conjunctions in French as well as less familiar terms such as irregular verbs. It also teaches how to express duration with present tense and how to make questions and also how to speak French in most practical situations like meeting and greeting, shopping and bargaining, weather and seasons, asking for directions, asking for the time, taking a taxi, etc. I found the package just super useful and practical. There is also the Transparent French Complete Edition which is the Premium Edition bundled with BYKI Deluxe 4 and Everywhere Audio.


  • Latest language learning material
  • Good interactive emphasis on the fundamentals
  • High-quality audio lessons (Over 1'200 MP3 audio files are included)
  • All-in-one language learning solution
  • Good support
  • A tad expensive


In conclusion, the Transparent French Premium Edition was a quite enjoyable experience. It enabled me to quickly build my vocabulary and essential conversational skills. It is an ideal preparation for people who desire to visit French speaking countries and regions and also for people planning to work in these countries and regions. The high price tag might be a turn-off for many. Even though it's a solid competitor, it's not the best rated course in the competition right now either. This is why I suggest trying out Rocket French (review here), a program which has received lots of praise in the community lately.