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"Comprehensive course that requires constant internet access."

Living Language English Review

Living Language English - The ReviewEnglish is not only the third most commonly spoken language in the world, it's also the language of international business and travel. Every year millions of people study English to improve their career prospects, travel opportunities, or in order to better enjoy English films, TV, and books.

While there are many different courses to study English, one of the more popular ones is the online English course by Living Language. In this review I will share my experience using and testing it out. Below are the disadvantages and advantages of this course so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. I also give a comparison with another of the leading English language courses. At the end of the review I provide recommendation as to whether I think this course is the best one to purchase.

How much does it cost?

The online course costs $150. This gives you access to the full course material and all of the other resources provided.

What's included?

Living Language's web-enabled English course that allows you to access the material from your computer. Included with the course are 46 English language lessons which cover all the essentials of English including grammar, vocabulary, and conversations. Also included with these lessons are cultural notes and reading passages to help you better understand the context of these language concepts.

Conversational exercises are also provided with their own e-tutoring sessions. These are online practice sessions with native English speakers. In addition to allowing you to practice your conversational English the tutors also answer any questions that you have and provide you with support. Another feature that sets Living Language apart is the online community. Here you can meet with other English language learners and English instructors.


  • Access to your own personal tutor - When you purchase a Living Language program you will be given access to your own personal tutor. This tutor gives you the opportunity to practice your English with a real person. Your English tutor can also help you revise and review the course material that you have learnt during the week.
  • Access the course on any device - Because Living Language is an online course you can access using any device: PC, tablet, or laptop. It's great being able to study your English course from the comfort of your sofa or even while you are lying in bed.
  • Quizzes, flashcards, games - Living Language training includes a number of quizzes, flashcards, and games. These quizzes and games make studying using Living Language a lot more fun. They also repeat the material that was covered in the main lessons so that it's easier to remember.
  • Incredibly comprehensive course - There is no aspect of learning English neglected in this course. From reading to writing to conversation practice to English culture, it's all included. If you want to achieve an intermediate to advanced level ability in English, using Living Language will get you there.


  • You must have access to the Internet - There is no physical version of Living Language English. Most of the other courses including Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur include a physical CD version that you can purchase. While the physical version is usually more expensive than the online course, it's at least available from these other companies. Even many of the other Living Language courses feature a physical platinum version of the course. But with English this is not available. For people who do not have online access this can be a significant issue.
  • It can sometimes be a little dull -It's not always the most interesting course. The reading passages are often uninspiring and there are a lot of written exercises to complete. But if you are willing to look beyond these small faults, you will find that the system does produce substantial results. Learning English isn't easy and there are no shortcuts on offer with Living Language online.

How it compares to others

There are a number of other competing forces which also offer English-language instruction. A major competitor is Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone English costs $299 for levels 1 to 5. Rosetta Stone English is an advanced multimedia course that features speech recognition technology, online lessons, video tutorials, and games (my review). It also comes with a number of mobile apps that you can use with your iPad, iPhone, or Kindle Fire. While all of these features seem impressive when it comes to the quality of the course, in my opinion Living Language English is better.

Rosetta Stone uses an immersive approach. Rather than giving you a translated version of English, it uses pictures and the context to make you guess what is meant. English is a complex language with a grammar structure very different from that which many students use. Living Language English is much more explicit with its explanations about grammar and vocabulary. It uses a more traditional academic approach which involves reading passages, listening to audio conversations, and completing written exercises.

While this involves a fair amount of work and dedication, overall it produces better results. Both courses feature live lessons with an online tutor. But the online lessons with Living Language's English course are better organised and easier to book. Rosetta Stone is also significantly more expensive at twice the price. If you are choosing between the two courses, I'd clearly recommend Living Language.


  • The online tutor is helpful when reviewing the material.
  • The quizzes and flashcards are fun to learn with.
  • From reading to writing everything's covered.
  • Internet access is required to access all course materials.
  • The course can be a little dull during repetition.
  • Forums are inactive. Questions are often left unanswered.


English can be challenging to learn, but Living Language does a great job of helping students achieve their goals. Living Language English online is perhaps a little less interesting at times than some of the other courses, but the results speak for themselves. If you want to master English, then there is no better option than selecting the Living Language online course. It's quite simply the most comprehensive option currently on the market.