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"A solid program with a high price tag"

TELL ME MORE Italian Review

tell me more italianWhether you are planning on traveling to Italy, or you just want to learn how to speak the language of love, learning to speak Italian is not only fun, but it can also be rewarding. In order to learn how to speak Italian you are going to need the right tools for the job. Computers have come a long way, and with the right software, they have made learning how to speak Italian so much easier. Tell Me More Italian offers a fast and easy way to start learning how to speak Italian today.

Tell Me More Italian is a state of the art software package that takes all of the latest in language learning software innovation, and puts it in one central location. In order to use this software, you will need a computer. If you have a microphone, then you can take full advantage of some of the software's advanced features.

One thing that the software company did when they designed Tell Me More Italian was focus on making the software easy to use. There are plenty of options to keep you busy, and the overall look and feel of the software interface is easy to understand.

Nobody is the same, and because of that we all have our own unique ways of learning. The software was designed with this in mind. You can learn how to speak Italian as fast, or as slow as you would like to. The entire learning process can be customized to fit your unique learning style. This is something that other language learning software programs lack.

You will start by learning the fundamentals of the language. Once you have mastered these basic principals, it becomes much easier to work your way up to more advanced dialogs.

With this software you will be able to both hear and speak Italian. The software is loaded with plenty of recordings that allow you to listen to the proper ways to pronounce the words. A very powerful speech recognition engine can analyze your voice and help you pinpoint where you are making pronunciation errors. There are other systems on the market that claim to do this same thing, but very few of them are actually successful at doing it.

Dive into the Italian language by learning more about their culture. Tell Me More Italian goes beyond just teaching the language. You will be able to learn about the history, and the culture that helped to shape this wonderful language. This can be an excellent learning experience. It gives you the opportunity to see, and hear Italian in real world situations, as well as its path through history.


  • Guided or Individual mode
  • Speech recognition technology
  • Developed by Experts
  • Good reputation
  • High price ($529 for all levels)
  • Slow on older computers


Italian is a beautiful language that can be so much fun to learn, but only if you are being engaged, entertained, and challenged. Tell Me More Italian does all of this and more for the highest price ($520 for all levels) that I've ever encountered. If you are looking for a better Italian learning software with a great set of audio lessons for mobile devices and tables, at a lower price, you might want to give a try to Rocket Italian.