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Systran Review

systran boxSystran makes it easy to translate selected text from English into 12 different foreign languages.

By selecting text and simply clicking the right mouse button, Systran instantly gives four options to choose from Translate, Translate and Replace, Translate and Insert, and Lookup. This feature makes it very easy to translate text while writing in Word or crafting a letter. Systran is also able to translate PDF and RTF files, emails, and even works in popular messengers.

SYSTRAN headquartered in Paris, France is a machine translation solutions provider offering services for the past 22 years. This company has worked with the United State Department of Defense, European Commission, Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, and Mac OS X, to name a few.

Part of computational linguistics, machine translation involves the use of computer software to translate text or speech from one natural language to another. It is more effective in formal and formulized language settings like government and legal documents.

SYSTRAN's commercial software helps organizations and individuals to communicate in multiple languages. The software can be used to translate text to and from 52 languages for any type of information. Systran has introduced the hybrid machine translation engine, a first of its kind in 2009. This software can translate text and learns automatically from the translations. This lets you train the software any specific domain while increasing the cost effectiveness and quality of translations.

SYSTRAN offers a wide range of products for home, small businesses, and enterprise solutions in the form of desktop products, online services, client-server solutions, and professional services. The products they offer include Systran Premium, Business, Home, Office, Web, and Mobile Translators as desktop products. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 is their server product for organizations. It also has online real time translation services at SYSTRANLinks, SYSTRANBox, and SYSTRANet.

  • SYSTRAN home translator available for $69.99/$79.00 is for those who translate webpage's in real time, emails, chat, discussion forums, letters, documents etc.
  • SYSTRAN office available for $129.00/$149.00 is for avid users of Microsoft Office.
  • SYSTRAN web translates entire web page contents with a translate button in the browser and costs $29.00/$39.00.
  • SYSTRAN business costs $259.99/$299.99 and is for translation and budget needs of small and mid-size companies.
  • SYSTRAN premium translator has extensive linguistic and post editing tools for high quality translations and costs $699.00/$799.00.
  • SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 sits on the corporate intranet or extranet and provides translation services to 100 employees at a time.
  • SYSTRANLink is an online translation service hosted by SYSTRAN servers.
  • SYSTRAN offers consulting services, IT Support, and Services as well as training as part of their professional services. They provide Language Translation Technology Audit, Strategy development assistance, Feasibility study to rate trainability, and business roadmap in form of a project plan to meet translation goals.

Enterprise solutions of SYSTRAN offer a variety of solutions for conglomerates and government. SYSTRAN helps to understand and publish huge volumes of multilingual information. By having this common software across large bodies, the work is unified and simplified. It helps in the collaboration of work across multilingual teams helping them to understand each other. It helps organizations execute ecommerce effectively in different countries. It helps companies find and manage information in any language. SYSTRAN products integrate with any eDiscovery system helping with the legal strategy.

Their website has information on Language codes, tips for writing, Dictionary manager that comes in the SYSTAN translators, and software End of Life support policy. They also have user guides for SYSTRAN online services like SYSTRANLink, SYSTRANet, and SYSTRANBox. Information on activation, registration, system requirements, product updates, user guide, installation procedure, and merger installation for desktop products is also available online. Their products and services can be purchased through their online store, by contacting their sales department, through distributors and resellers listed on their website.


  • Translate between 12 languages
  • Integrates well into Word, Excel, Powerpoint and web browsers
  • No alternative suggestions


Systran has an intuitive/simple interface, great compatibility, and an effective translation engine. All this and more, make it a great choice in translation software. However, I've discovered that RightWriter provides advice only; it does not suggest word or sentence structuring alternatives. If you need both, instant feedbacks AND suggestion on what you write, go for WhiteSmoke.