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RightWriter Review

rightwriter boxEvery day we write, especially type something, whether it is a chat, email, business letters, proposals, newspaper/magazine articles, books, blogs, website content, advertisements, job bids, quotes, essays, etc... Although, how we write does not matter for informal chats and emails, for those formal letters, projects, proposals, and articles it is essential that the language, grammar, and error check are perfect. A good idea may be totally ruined by the bad choice of words, grammar, and presentation. Therefore, for those of you who would like a perfect output of your writing, Right Writer has the solution.

RightWriter is grammar correction and writing analysis software. It is like having a professional language expert proofread your work in a fraction of time. With the ease of the software, you will not have to worry about your grammar perfection, spelling, writing strength, etc. This will help you to concentrate and spend your energy on how and what to write and leave the rest of the worries to the software.

The software comes with features like Grammar Checker, Punctuation Checker, Syntax Checker, Writing Strength Checker, Style Analysis, Selectable Analysis Methods, Strength and Complexity Indexes, and Advanced Spelling Checker. Consequently, it does not just correct your grammar, but also instructs you on your writing strength and how to mitigate weak areas.

The program itself is very intuitive and user friendly. You can copy and paste your work in the text box and click analyze to receive the result very fast. The software gets to your trouble spots in seconds saving you hours of proofreading and editing time. The software works with any text and document application like MS Word, Word Perfect, Dreamweaver, Front Page, Outlook, IE, Blogs, Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, PDF Documents, WebPages and more along with only taking three clicks for perfection.

When you present your article to the software, it analyzes and presents you with better words where your passage is not clear or wordy, identifies passive sentences, reading level, determines the writing strength along with weak areas. You can also spell check your article. The program comes with its help PDF document that will assist you in understanding its components and their functions.

It is fast, accurate, and will save you from writing embarrassment. One feature that some find rigid would be that the software does not let you create some of the locked rules. With this software, you will never have to send another email, reports, or blog articles with errors and bad grammar. It saves you the trouble and gives the reader a pleasant experience too.

RightWriter is available for $29.95 online. They have an ongoing offer for a free eBook of William J. Strunk's Elements of Style when you order now. This book addresses common grammar errors and ways to avoid them. You also will receive a video bonus instructing you on the software and its usage. You could order their CD-ROM for $34.95. You can also download the product after buying the software. They have Speak English like a Genius- video grammar course for $29.95. You get Right Writer Grammar analysis software free with it and you get to download the Right writer software. They do have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

RightWriter analyzes your documents and makes suggestions helping you to improve your grammar and readability. RightWriter is a standalone software program and is not meant to integrate into other applications, like Word, Twitter, or other text-based application. I also experienced the software repeating itself in terms of advice. There were also some formatting problems when copying formatted text into other RightWriter windows.

Despite these limitations, RightWriter is a solid alternative for the more old-fashioned folks, who may like the "typewriter" interface, reminding many of their old high-school days.


  • Old-school interface (Some like it, some not)
  • Solid programming
  • Advice only (No suggestion)
  • Often repeats the same advice
  • Does not integrate with Word or other word processors


Even when you know little about grammar rules or writing habits, RightWriter may help you and easily fix your writing. RightWriter is easy to use and simple to install. Although some features of RightWriter are strong, if you are looking for a more sophisticated product for the average user - WhiteSmoke is the better choice.