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Byki Japanese Review

byki japaneseWhen you're in the field of business, manufacturing, economics, or engineering, chances are you are working if not competing with the Japanese. Being able to communicate in their language will give you a winning edge in business because understanding their work ethics can make or break your business deal. Japanese has a different writing system compared to the English and European language but their grammar is much simpler. Their nouns have no gender, articles, or plural forms. The language has only 2 verb tenses, 5 vowel sounds and since their spelling is phonetically consistent it is easy to pronounce.

BYKI Japanese is the most effective way to learn the Japanese language. It teaches you thousands of critical words and phrases in an interesting, and easy way. Japanese BYKI is especially focused in building up the student's vocabulary with five different modes to choose from: Know It, Own It, Produce It, Recognize It and Review It. These modes will allow you to translate and speak the words aloud as you listen to the words being played. The repetitive flash card method is very helpful for anybody who wants to improve their Japanese language skills. The software can be personalized to serve your particular preferences. It is very effective and I always look forward to using it every day.

Learning Japanese will take you a step closer to learning Chinese or Korean as their language concept is similar and show evenly advanced system of expressions for showing respect. As Japanese is a highly analytical language, Japanese heavily rely on uninflected words rather than inflection to show linguistic properties.

Japanese BYKI Deluxe was a great aid to me in learning how to speak Japanese. Traditional Japanese language learning methods spread the teaching process with a multitude of activities and lessons but this learning software goes direct to the point and right in the first session teaches phrases used in the most common real-life situations.

BYKI Japanese Deluxe provided me with a personalized training experience. It recognized my weaknesses and strengths from the material that I had trouble understanding. It then focuses my lessons on those materials where I had errors. I felt confident when I was able to track my progress as the program allows for various testing options, such as listening comprehension, dictation, written tests and others. It also has a feature called "pronunciation practice" that will help you perfect your accent. It even has interactive games that serve as fun ways to bind your knowledge of the Japanese language.


  • Latest language learning material
  • Good interactive emphasis on the fundamentals
  • High-quality audio lessons (Over 1'200 MP3 audio files are included)
  • All-in-one language learning solution
  • Extensive support
  • Sometimes too boring


BYKI Japanese Deluxe is a great way for learning Japanese because its language software is designed to help you easily learn words and phrases in Japanese. I would especially recommend it for people who want to brush up on their Japanese and also to those who need to know more about it. It also has a very affordable price tag making it good value for your money. The learning material goes with MP3 audio files that can be used in any MP3 player. Aside from the PC and Mac versions there is also a mobile version that is specially designed for use in cellular phones.