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"The Best translation tool on the market. Period."

Babylon Review

screenshotBabylon was established in 1997 and quickly grew into the leading translation program available on the web. The program is able to translate full text between more than 75 languages. It also includes a separate dictionary for each language and includes a spell check engine, which even works in Gmail, Facebook, Hotmail, or blogs. It features one of the most complete and most evolved translation engines on the market and includes the latest Wikipedia database along with the Oxford dictionary compendium, so you can instantly look up words as you work on a document using Babylon.

Babylon is a powerful translation tool. The software is available as an instant download after purchase, so you can pretty much start using the software right away, that's super cool. The only thing you need is a Computer or Laptop. The software works with 75 different languages, receives regular updates, and is very easy to use. What else can we wish for in a translation program?


  • Translate between 75 languages
  • One-click translations
  • Great support
  • Huge multi-lingual dictionary
  • Update requires internet connection


If you are interested in a dictionary / translation tool, which gives definitions, synonyms, and instant translation to other languages, then Babylon is your choice and a clear winner compared to the competition. Babylon simply is the leading product on the markets and that's why we're rating it with my Editor's choice award. Well done!